Topological Data Analysis

The Topological Data Analysis Group in UP Baguio is an interdisciplinary research group whose topics of interest lie in the intersection of Topology, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science including but not limited to computational topology, persistent homology and applications, clustering algorithms, spectral methods in machine learning and data analysis, and network analysis.

  1. Paul Samuel Ignacio
  2. Wilfredo Alangui
  3. Rizavel Addawe
  4. Jhunas Paul Viernes

  1. Jay-Anne Bulauan
  2. Ronnie John Pascua
  3. Alyssa Camille Nano
  4. Shiela May Coloma
  5. Jenina Marie Galang
  6. William Ceasar Laureta

  1. John Rick Manzanares, MS Mathematics (2022)

  1. Regular Meetings
  2. Workshops
  3. Research Dissemination

  1. Stable Homology-based Cycle Centrality Measures for Weighted Graphs by John Rick Manzanares


John Rick Manzanares successfully defended his thesis entitled “Stable Homology-based Cycle Centrality Measures for Weighted Graph” on May 30, 2022 for the degree Master of Science in Mathematics. Congratulations, John Rick!