Summer Institute in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (SINSM)

SINSM is an annual activity of the College of Science that aims to update teachers on recent developments, advances, and innovations in the natural sciences and mathematics. It aims to enhance the pedagogy and research skills of secondary and tertiary teachers in the Cordillera and its neighboring regions.

DMCS Breakthroughs in Mathematics

Breakthroughs in Mathematics is a one-day or two-day activity of the department. Two prominent local or foreign speakers are invited to share their knowledge on the latest breakthroughs in mathematics and information technology to share their present research work. Participants must be interested in research in Mathematics and/or Computer Science.

Intensive Training Program (ITP) in Mathematics

The Intensive Training Program (ITP) for Tertiary Mathematics Teachers is designed for incoming or prospective graduate students in mathematics. It aims to address the learning difficulties encountered by graduate students due to inadequate preparation for graduate mathematical abstractions. It will include lectures in two areas of Mathematics: namely, Algebra and Analysis, with a total of at least 48 lecture hours. It will be done mainly through lectures, class discussions, and possibly group presentations of solved problems by the participants.