Statistics Research

The Statistics Research Group focuses both on applications of statistical techniques and theory. The areas of research are time series, regression, spatiotemporal methods, search algorithms, stochastic optimization, probability theory, and its applications to actual data. The group is currently working on infectious diseases like dengue, influenza, measles, and water-borne diseases. This group also actively participates in a weekly student research seminar.

  1. Rizavel Addawe
  2. Criselda Libatique
  3. Joseph Ludwin Marigmen
  4. Jhunas Paul Viernes

  1. Elaine Baniaga
  2. Kendrick Noel De Vera
  3. Steven Karl Gantala
  4. Dave Gayabang
  5. Loren Gavila
  6. Andhee Jacobe
  7. Ronmar Macarubbo
  8. Jea Joy Munoz
  9. Joezel Rizi Padilla
  10. Jhurdan Pilay


  1. Regular Meetings
  2. Workshops
  3. Research Dissemination