Number Theory

The Number Theory Research Group focuses on determining the existence or non-existence of solutions of various types of exponential Diophantine equations. If solutions exist, the group tries to use elementary methods and other techniques to check whether there are finitely many or infinitely many solutions, and eventually find all solutions. The group also considers problems that are related to different types of prime numbers and their applications. The group is also exploring topics that involve elliptic curves and the circle method.

  1. Jerico Bacani
  2. Renz Mina
  3. Joy Ascaño

  1. Jerwin De Leon
  2. Jasper Constantino
  3. Steven Karl Gantala
  4. Ranie Azote
  5. Mylene Reyes
  6. Jesielyn Mae Ado

  1. Julius Fergy Rabago
  2. John Raphael Antalan
  3. Ronald Aquino
  4. Ron Allan Baran
  5. Kenneth Caasi
  6. Anna Clarice Yanday
  7. Richard Taclay
  8. Renz Jimwel Mina

  1. Regular Meetings
  2. Workshops
  3. Research Dissemination

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