Mathematical Modelling and Simulation (MaMoSim)

The MaMoSim group is the DMCS faculty and Graduate Student Research Seminar Series meeting weekly during the regular semester to discuss a variety of topics on mathematical models in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, data processing, and other areas of application. Discussions include pertinent mathematical tools such as differential equations, for model analysis as well as numerical methods and algorithms. The group emphasizes the connections among modeling, simulation, analysis and experimental observation. Graduate students (and faculty) make presentations on the progress of their research.

  1. Joel Addawe
  2. Andrei Domogo
  3. Priscilla Macansantos
  4. Gilbert Peralta
  5. Aprimelle Kris Pajimola
  6. Jhunas Paul Viernes

  1. Daryl Abacco
  2. Elaine Baniaga
  3. Mark Ian Barreto
  4. Christian Aiphie Bitanga
  5. Lance Kent Briones
  6. Junius Wilhelm Bueno
  7. Ronnel John Garcia
  8. Andhee Jacobe
  9. Ronmar Macarubbo
  10. Jea Joy Munoz
  11. Joezel Rizi Padilla
  12. Jhurdan Pilay
  13. Jhunas Paul Viernes

  1. Regular Meetings
  2. Workshops
  3. Research Dissemination

  • Junius Wilhelm Bueno, MS Mathematics, 2021.
    Title: Long Term Dynamics of Stuart-Landau Model and Kuramoto Model with Non-Local Coupling

  • Joseph Tullao, MS Mathematics, 2020.
    Title: Analysis and Control of an SEIQR Epidemic Model with Application to Ebola Disease

  • Aprimelle Kris Pajimola, MS Mathematics, 2020.
    Title: Mathematical Analysis of the Transmission Dynamics of Japanese Encephalitis

  • Ronica Masangkay, MS Mathematics, 2020.
    Title: Parameter Identifiability of an Influenza A Virus Model with Innate Immune Response

  • Joyce Agbanlog, MS Mathematics, 2020.
    Title: Ambrosio-Tortelli Segmentation and Delaunay Triangulations of Images

  • Mark John Mangsat, MS Mathematics, 2020.
    Title: Dynamics and Patterns of a Reaction-Diffusion Predator-Prey Model with a Group Defense for Prey and Intraspecific Competition among Predators

  • Jhunas Paul Viernes, MS Mathematics, 2020.
    Title: Numerical Simulations of a Modified Helbing-Molnar-Farkas-Vicsek (HMFV) Social Force Evacuation-Model

  • Louie Ville Balino, MS Mathematics, 2019.
    Title: Finite Volume Methods for Two Crowd Dynamics

  • Rodolfo Po III, MS Mathematics, 2019.
    Title: Sensitivity Analysis and Model Identification of Isoprene Pharmacokinetics during Ergometric Exercise

  • John Sebastian Simon, MS Mathematics, 2019.
    Title: Optimal Control for a Fluid Governed by Navier-Stokes Equation with Delay in the Convection

  • Gervy Marie Angeles, MS Mathematics, 2018.
    Title: Linear Hyperbolic Systems of Partial Differential Equations on an Interval

  • Raymart Lagunero, MS Mathematics, 2018.
    Title: Well-posedness and Stability of Hyperbolic Systems of Partial Differential Equations with Delays