This research group works together on topics and areas of investigation related to pure, computational and applied algebra. It comprises two subgroups of researchers who work on two allied fields: (1) linear algebra and matrix analysis, and (2) algebraic geometry and robotics. The former works on matrix decompositions such as expressing any given matrix as a sum or product of two or more matrices belonging to a particular class. Concepts like canonical forms, singular values, inertia and ranks of matrices with real or complex entries are discussed and analogous results over finite fields or rings are generated. The latter deals with algebraic varieties in the affine and projective spaces as well as algebraic-geometric techniques to solve problems related to mechanisms and robotics.

  1. Edna Gueco
  2. Saraleen Mae Manongsong

  1. Kleo Jude Amarles
  2. Joy Ascaño
  3. Jaskine Baricaua
  4. Josefin Fajardo III
  5. Loren Gavila
  6. Niño Angelo Gaviño
  7. Diona Rose Macaburas


  1. Regular Meetings
  2. Workshops
  3. Research Dissemination